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When he looked back at his tall, bald tree- he saw a tiny human that lived inside, looking out at him with fear and uncertainty. George had never scared anyone before. He didn't like it. In that moment, he wished he was just a normal-sized anteater again.

He returned the star he had twisted up in his tongue to the sky, and was then carefully lifted off the building with a large crane. Bystanders say that it looked like a giant claw arcade game was claiming a stuffed toy. George had eaten so many stars, that he had become sleepy, idealistic, and trusting. He allowed himself to be lowered from his perch and into a truck that took him far away from the crowds and lights.


When George woke the next morning, he found that he had returned to his original size. He was thrilled and relieved to be small enough to actually see ants again! While he enjoyed his ground-found banquet he wondered- was his life as a giant anteater merely a dream, or did eating all those stars grant him his wish?


The End

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Reach for the Stars

by Aubrey (age 27)

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