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Aubrey is driven by curiosity and fueled by creativity.
She thinks Existence is a pretty neat mystery worth exploring, and is fascinated by the diversity of the human experience. She considers herself to be a student for life and a student of life, learning from adventures and encounters with interesting characters along the way. It is her hope to use her creativity and compassion to empower her fellow human folk as they navigate through the unknown twists and turns of life.
Unknown twists are actually what brought Aubrey to creating Whimsadoodles in the first place. Humbled by a turn in health, she turned to art- something she had always loved but never pursued. Creating these pages helped her to clear her over-active mind and coloring them helped her to uplift it, so she thought she’s share.
Aubrey Vora
Since 2011, Aubrey has been creating pages inspired by people in her life, places she explores, wild dreams, and brainstorming sessions in classrooms she visits. Since 2013, she’s been been supporting creative empowerment in cities across the US, as well as the UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Dubai, and beyond!  Coloring with people of all ages across the world have really strengthened Aubrey’s belief in the transformational power of creativity, imagination and play.   
... and the adventure is far from over!
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