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Coloring Club

Relax and recharge alongside other creative playmates  


Keep an eye here for upcoming coloring clubs!



 Want to host your own club? Great!

It's fun, affordable, and easy to put together.

Get your DIY Coloring Club kit!

Coloring Club in the News

Radio feature with Peter Finch (KGO 810) March 2014

The Finch Files - Coloring Club March 2014

San Jose Mercury News  (Angela Hill, August 2015)

"(In) my coloring clubs, I've noticed a lot of adults hadn't been doing this since they were kids," she says. "We introduce art to children and then take it away for some reason, and it seems like only the people who are called artists are supposed to be doing artistic things. But we have a generation of adults now who are used to calling back to what we did as kids -- we play video games, we ride skateboards. Why shouldn't we color?"

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