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Classroom Visits


Before we know it, these kids with bright eyes will be adults with big ideas; ideas that will not only impact us directly, but significantly shape our world for future generations. 


Coloring is a great way to unlock imagination and unleash creativity- both essential skills which should be  nurtured throughout and beyond standard education.  After all, don't we want our future leaders, accountants, and doctors to be able to think outside of the box and put their vision into action? 


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Storycraft Challenge


30 min-1 hr



adaptable for all grade levels



This activity can be adapted for different grade levels and can be tailored to enhance the English curriculum.

Skills excercised: collaboration, lateral thinking, public speaking

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I will give a little bit of context for the visit: Who I am, What I have learned from coloring with people of all ages, and why I believe creativity and imagination are essential skills to exercise. 


Storycraft Challenge

Using pages they are given, teams are given the challenge of working together to quickly create a story.  It is up to the students to decide on the order of the pages and the plot that will tie the pages together.  After a limited time, students are Once the stories are done, teams take turns sharing in front of the class.




Color and Brainstorm

After storytime, students are invited to color their page or choose another one, and while they color, I invite them to join me in brainstorming new pages!

San Francisco Bay Area



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