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About Whimsadoodles

A Whatsadoodle?

Whimsadoodles are tools for stilling the mind, unlocking imagination and unleashing creativity.


They root from a belief that Life takes place in this moment (yes this one), but it's easy to get lost, preocupying the mind with long to-do lists, current affairs, every-changing plans, self-assigned roles and social responsibilities, that song that won't stop playing on the radio, that zinger you should have said when you ran into your ex the other day....  For those moments when the mind feels cluttered and unfocused, Creativity and Play can help to quiet the internal chatter, and connect with the wonder and possibility that awaken when imagination is engaged.


And, as the good Dr. Seuss said, "These things are fun, and fun is good."


Remember: there is no wrong way to doodle.

Some pages can be done all at once, while others may be finished gradually, like a puzzle.  

Some pages provide plenty of blank space to fill in with your own imaginings.  

Color wherever you want - the lines are just suggestions

Don’t worry about getting it right, or being the best.  

In fact, you are invited to (safely)  burn, shred, or recycle your page when it's done!

These pages are also reminders that life is a process that is best enjoyed in the present. 


So let loose, have fun, breathe deep... and enjoy!

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